What are Virtual Credit Cards? Are They Useful for Transactions?

What are virtual credit cards? Sometime, this question may appear in your mind. Many people have used a virtual credit card and feel so satisfied with it. Read the information below to know more about v.


What is a Virtual Credit Card?

What are Virtual Credit Cards

What are Virtual Credit Cards


Do you like buying a thing online? If yes, you may have ever found unique things to buy at an international site, such as Amazone or eBay. But, you may feel so sad when the transaction can’t be done using cash. It is not a big problem as long as you have a credit card with Visa or Master logo. Credit cards with Visa or master Logo can be used for transactions at international sites.

Another alternative is using the third party to create digital currency, such as PayPal. But, PayPal still needs data verification, and it means you need to have a credit card. What to do when you don’t have a credit card? The best way you can do is using a virtual credit card or VCC. VCC helps you to verify your data when using the service of the third party, such as PayPal.

A VCC has identity number up to 16 digits, which the last 3 digits are the VCC number you can use when you are doing online transaction. A VCC has an expired date. So, you have to use the virtual credit card before the card has expired. Different from a regular credit card, virtual credit cards don’t have shape. It is a type of card you can only use for the online transaction, not for buying things at offline stores.

There are still many differences between virtual credit cards and regular credit cards. Different from regular credit cards, virtual credit cards need to be filled by your money from your bank account, and finally, you can use the card for the online transaction. Users of VCC are people who want to do the online transaction, but they don’t have a regular credit card.

So, you can also have a virtual credit card if you want to do the online transaction, but you don’t have a regular credit card. For example, you are a college student and don’t have the credit score. This condition makes you difficult to apply for a credit card. But, don’t worry because you can apply for a virtual credit card.

Although a VCC is often used by people who don’t have a regular credit card, there are still many people who have VCC although they have a regular credit card. Actually, they use a VCC for protecting their data. As we know that online transaction may harm the data of users. It will not happen if regular credit card users choose to use a virtual credit card when doing online transaction.


5 Recommended VCC Providers

How to get a virtual credit card? When this question appears in your mind, the answer is very simple. You just need to choose a trusted provider that offers a virtual credit card. Today, you can find so many sites that offer VCC. But, you need to be careful when choosing a VCC provider. Make sure you choose a trusted provider that have so many clients.

When you have a plan to choose a VCC provider, try to contact the number of the provider. A trusted provider will answer every question well, and will not demand you to apply for a virtual credit card. If the provider you contact can answer your question and offers the best service, then you can choose that provider. You can also read the reviews about that provider. If the reviews are positive, you can choose that provider.  Here are Some Recommended VCC providers that can be your recommendation:

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Entropay is one of top VCC providers you can choose to create a virtual credit card. Don’t worry about cost, because Entropay will help you create a VCC without fee or cost. This provider offers the simplest way for you. You just need to verify your address and card information to create your virtual credit card. This provider just charges small fees in each transaction, so you don’t need to worry when doing a transaction. You can easily load fund from the bank account to your Entropay Virtual Card Credit. Finally, you can buy many things online without worrying about the online transaction using a credit card.


Netetter VCC

it is also a top VCC provider, especially for you who want to do the online transaction through PayPal. For your recommendation, you can join the site of Netetter VCC to create the VCC without paying fees. Same with Entropay, Netetter VCC just charges small fees every transaction. So, don’t doubt to choose this provider whenever you want to have a VCC.



Are you a US resident? If yes, Netspend is much recommended for you. NetSpend offers the top virtual credit card for US residents. Netspend is a recommended provider to create a virtual credit card. it also provides marketing and processing service for prepaid Visa debit cards and MasterCard.


American Express

American Express is one of the popular banking services that can help you to create a virtual credit card. American Express can also help you to create prepaid credit cards easily. You can use American Express VCC for the various online transaction, such as paying money to host websites, online shopping, and buying many things at international websites.

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WallmartMoneyCard is also one of top virtual credit card providers. But, this provider just offers VCC for US users. This provider can help you to create a prepaid credit card. So, it is a good payment solution for you who want to do online transaction. this provider also offers prepaid visa debit card. Even, you can use WallmartMoneyCard VCC for some purposes, such as money transfer, online shopping, and many more.

Well, those are the information about virtual credit cards and recommended virtual credit cards for you. Actually, there are still many top virtual credit card providers that can be your choice. Other recommended VCC providers are ICICI VCC, Kotak [email protected], HDFC VCC, Oxigen Wallet, and many more. Hopefully, the information about what are virtual credit cards above is useful for you.